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Dimension Shift

Dimension Shift

Card Type
Gold / Premium
Card Set
Booster Set #1 “Advent of Genesis”

When playing this card, banish 10 spells in your cemetery: This card costs 7 play points to play.
Take another turn after this one.

Soji HisakataBP01-P11EN

Card Set

Jun. 30, 2023

Booster Set #1 “Advent of Genesis”


Q333 (Sep. 29, 2023)

QIf I reduce Dimension Shift's cost by 5 with Daria, Dimensional Witch's On Evolve ability, and banish 10 spells when I play that Dimension Shift, can I play it for 2 play points?

AYes. Effects that change a cost to a specific value are applied before those that increase or decrease it.

Q193 (Jun. 30, 2023)

QIf I play this spell and get an extra turn, and then play another copy of this spell, do I get another extra turn after that?

AYes, you do.

Q192 (Jun. 30, 2023)

QWhen playing this spell, can I count this card toward the spells I'm banishing from my cemetery?

ANo. This card does not go into the cemetery until after it's played and resolved.

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