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Heavenly Aegis

Heavenly Aegis

Card Type
Follower / Evolved
Faith / Eidolon
Super Legendary
Card Set
Booster Set #2 “Reign of Bahamut”

On Evolve: For the rest of this turn and during each opponent's next turn, this follower doesn't take damage.
This card can't be destroyed by abilities.


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Card Set

Sep. 29, 2023

Booster Set #2 “Reign of Bahamut”


Q341 (Sep. 29, 2023)

QCan I select and destroy this follower with Dark Offering?

ANo. You can select it, but it will not be destroyed.

Q340 (Sep. 29, 2023)

QIf I select this follower with Dark Offering's ability, can I still play the rest of the ability?

AYes. Heavenly Aegis will not be destroyed, but you still give your leader 3 defense and draw a card.

Q339 (Sep. 29, 2023)

QCan this card be destroyed by spell abilities?

ANo, it can't.

Q323 (Sep. 29, 2023)

QWould this follower be banished by Hare of Illusion's "Banish each follower on the field" activated ability?

AYes, it would.

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