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Tournament Requirements

  1. The tournament must consist of at least 4 shop qualifiers followed by a separately held grand final.
  2. Each shop qualifier must be held in a different shop.
  3. Shop qualifiers may be held either entirely in Swiss format, or in two stages: a Swiss stage followed by single-elimination with the top 8 players.
  4. The top 8 of the grand final shall be held in single-elimination format. Should there be more than 8 players in the grand final, there shall be a Swiss stage to determine the top 8.
  5. Each shop qualifier must have a minimum capacity of 16 seats.
  6. The top 2 players of each shop qualifier will proceed to the grand final.
  7. If a winner of a shop qualifier has already qualified for the grand final, the qualification will be passed down to the next player based on the rankings.

Tournament Regulations

Best of 1
Swiss*, or Swiss followed by single-elimination for top 8
*Number of rounds will be dependent on the number of players and schedule, and will be capped at 7 rounds.


Anyone may participate.


Only English-edition cards may be used.


Players must use the same deck throughout a tournament. No switching of cards is permitted in between games.

Deck Registration

Players must register their deck via Bushi Navi. Discrepancies between their card list and the actual deck used in the tournament may result in a penalty.


Players must use opaque card sleeves so that the back of cards cannot be easily distinguished.
Oversleeves with a matte finish on one side and glossy finish on the other side are allowed.
However, the matte finish must be uniform throughout, whether on the front or back.
Oversleeves with patterns or borders are not allowed.

Time per Game

Swiss stage:
25 minutes

Top 8:
30 minutes

Time-Out Policy

When the time limit for a game is reached, players will be given 3 turns to finish the game. These turns must be completed within 10 minutes. After the 3rd turn or 10 minutes has passed, whichever comes first, the winner will be decided in the following manner:

Swiss stage: The player whose leader has more defense wins the game. If both leaders have the same defense, the game ends in a double loss.

Top 8: The player whose leader has more defense wins the game. If both leaders have the same defense, the game continues until there is a change in leader defense.