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Shop tournaments will also be held in the Gloryfinder format at all official Bushiroad stores. Participate in the new Gloryfinder Clash tournaments and collect promo cards to strengthen your decks!

Information about the Gloryfinder format can be found here.



All participants will receive 1 card from the current promo series.

Information about the current promo series can be found here.

Lucky Draw

Each store will also conduct a lottery draw to select up to three lucky players to receive the following promo card.

Dragonrend Quake

*This card's abilities will be revealed at a later date.

Event Details

Event Frequency

Each official tournament store can hold this event once a week, starting from July 19.

How to Participate

To participate in these events, you will need to register in advance using the Bushi Navi app.

Download Bushi Navi here: