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The Showdown Series is a new Bushiroad-sanctioned series of tournaments that will replace the Championship program after the fifth season.

The Showdown and Circuit tournaments from the Championship program will be combined into Showdown Challenges, which each official store may host once per series. In addition to promo cards and other prizes, the champion of each Showdown Challenge will also receive a Bye Card, which will grant them one free round at the Grand Showdown of that series.

Grand Showdowns are highly competitive tournaments where players can win exclusive prizes, including an unsponsored invite to the next Bushiroad Championship Series World Finals.

All events will be open to players from around the world.

The current schedule is as follows:


  • Showdown Series 1
    • Showdown Challenges: July to August 2024
    • Grand Showdown (North America): September 21, 2024
      • Location: Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport (6225 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045)

  • Showdown Series 2
    • Showdown Challenges: October to November 2024
    • Grand Showdown (Asia/Oceania): December 2024

  • Showdown Series 3
    • Showdown Challenges: January to February 2025
    • Grand Showdown (Europe): March 2025