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Harness the power of nature with Forestcraft!

Swarm your opponent with Fairy tokens before buffing them up with additional stats and abilities! Here’s how to get the most out of the first starter deck, Regal Fairy Princess.

Amass fairies!

Make use of Water Fairy, Fairy Circle, Waltzing Fairy, and Fairy Caster in the early turns to amass Fairy tokens! Their abilities generate Fairy tokens in your EX area that can either be played to contest the field or saved for future combos.

Buff up your fairies!

A key strategy in this starter deck revolves around Aria, Fairy Princess and Titania’s Sanctuary. Having Titania’s Sanctuary on your field means that each of your Fairy tokens becomes much stronger thanks to their increased stats. These innocent fairies also become much deadlier with the Assail ability, which allows them to attack your opponent’s reserved followers!


Swarm your opponents with an onslaught of Fairy tokens with Aria, Fairy Princess! Her Fanfare ability allows you to place up to 9 Fairy tokens on your field or in your EX area. That’s not all! While she’s on the field, all your Fairy tokens gain Rush, allowing them to attack enemy followers on the same turn they’re played. And yes, each of these Fairy tokens will gain the buffs from Titania’s Sanctuary as well!

Combo allows for big momentum swings!

These cards really start to shine once you’ve played a certain number of cards during your turn thanks to the class-specific ability, Combo! Combo abilities trigger if you’ve played the specified number of cards that turn, so make use of those low-cost Fairy tokens from earlier and swing the momentum in your favor!

Discover your own combos and meet the mysterious creatures of the wood in the first starter deck, Regal Fairy Princess, on sale June 30, 2023.