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Rally your troops with Swordcraft!

Honorable knights and other skilled fighters stand at the ready to deliver swift judgment to all who would oppose you! Here’s how to get the most out of the second starter deck, Blade of Resentment.

Rally your troops!

Make use of Oathless Knight and Floral Fencer to call out additional tokens that can aid you in battle. These fearless officers provide valuable reinforcement and can be used to contest the battlefield early or chip away at your opponent’s defenses!

Sharpen your blade!

Stay on the offensive with White General, Fencer, and Forge Weaponry. Their abilities buff up your allied followers with increased stats, allowing you to stay on the offensive! Any opponent foolish enough to leave your followers unchecked will quickly find their defense dwindled to a precarious low.

Close out the game in a flash!


All that early aggression culminates in the swift judgment that Tsubaki delivers! Choose between two powerful effects with her Fanfare to close out the game—get rid of any pesky Ward followers standing in the way of your victory or gain Storm to attack your opponent’s leader immediately!

Rally your troops and build your own army with the second starter deck, Blade of Resentment, on sale June 30, 2023.