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Rain down fiery justice with Runecraft!

Weave together potent spells to burn through the enemy’s ranks before summoning followers that threaten to end the game in one fell swoop! Some Runecraft cards may have the Spellchain ability, which gives your cards an incredible boost in power if you have enough spells in your cemetery! Here’s how to get the most out of the third starter deck, Mysteries of Conjuration.

Burn, baby, burn!

Burn and blast through your opponent’s ranks with an arsenal of devastating spells! Fire Chain, Wind Blast, Fiery Embrace, and Magic Missile allow you to easily clear out enemy followers with ability damage, and since spells go to the cemetery after being played, you’ll also be adding to your Spellchain in the process!

Set up for Spellchain!

Fill up your cemetery with spells with Penguin Wizard, Sammy, Wizard’s Apprentice, and Sorcery Cache! These cards all have abilities that allow you to discard or put a spell into your cemetery, thereby setting yourself up for huge Spellchain abilities, while also cycling through your deck to get to the cards you need faster!

Reduce your enemies to ashes!


Mythril Golem, Rune Blade Summoner, and Lightning Shooter all gain incredible power the more spells you have in your cemetery!


With Spellchain (5), Rune Blade Summoner becomes a massive threat that demands an answer, while Lightning Shooter zaps enemy followers out of existence.


With Spellchain (7), Mythril Golem strikes everything in its path, dealing a whopping 5 damage to all of your opponent’s followers. This damage means your opponent will likely be left defenseless, allowing for a massive swing of damage in the next turn!


With Spellchain (10), Rune Blade Summoner, complete with her massive stat boost, gains Storm, allowing her to attack your opponent’s leader immediately! And since lightning never strikes the same place twice, Lightning Shooter’s bolt of lightning will now burn your opponent’s leader for an additional 2 damage!


With Spellchain (15), Mythril Golem unleashes its full rage, dealing an additional 5 damage to your opponent’s leader, all but ensuring your victory.

Master the spells and unlock hidden mysteries in the third starter deck, Mysteries of Conjuration, on sale June 30, 2023.