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Take to the skies with Dragoncraft!

No mortal can withstand the overwhelming onslaught of the dragons! Once you have 7 or more maximum play points, Overflow abilities come into play to further enhance your dragons’ strength. Here’s how to get the most out of the fourth starter deck, Wrath of the Greatwyrm.

Bide your time!

7 play points may seem like a lot considering you start off with 1, but the wait will surely be worth it! Until then, cards like Dragon Warrior, Glint Dragon, and Fire Lizard will be your best friends. Their abilities allow you to deal damage to your opponent’s followers, thereby minimizing the damage you take while waiting for Overflow to activate!

Overflow with power!

Dragonewt Princess, Seabrand Dragon, and Dragonrider unlock their powers once you enter the state of Overflow!


Dragonewt Princess will be able to deal 4 damage to any enemy follower, Seabrand Dragon will be able to attack the enemy leader immediately since it gains Storm, and Dragonrider will add a Dragon token to your EX area upon being played as well as give himself a huge attack boost when he evolves!


Certain cards gain additional powers if Overflow is active!


Dragonguard becomes even more fearsome with the stat boosts he receives upon being played, while Blazing Breath and Dragon Wings both burn enemy followers to cinder with increased damage!

Towering dragons appear!


The fearsome combination of Fafnir and Dread Dragon will crush everything in their path, while their stats make them terrifying threats to deal with. Few opponents will have an answer when these two Wyrmkin are played on back-to-back turns.

Marvel and befriend legendary creatures in the fourth starter deck, Wrath of the Greatwyrm, on sale June 30, 2023.