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Traverse the darkness with Abysscraft!

Embrace the dark of night with Abysscraft! Call upon the denizens of the night to do your bidding and use your own lifeforce as a font of power to smother your opponent in shadows! Here’s how to get the most out of the fifth starter deck, Waltz of the Undying Night.

Swarms of darkness, coalesce!

Call forth swarms of darkness and blot out the light! All these cards allow you to summon Forest Bat tokens to contest the field early and chip away at your opponent’s defense!


Both Queen Vampire and Midnight Vampire are great at stabilizing the game, providing your Forest Bat tokens with additional stats and abilities! Queen Vampire increases the attack of your Forest Bat tokens while giving them the Ward ability. Enemy followers have no choice but to attack your followers with Ward, which means your leader and other followers will be safe for another turn! Midnight Vampire also provides your Forest Bat tokens with the Drain ability, which means your Forest Bat tokens will restore defense to your leader based on the damage they do!

Draw from the fount of death!

Draw strength from the fount of death with the class-specific ability Necrocharge! Necrocharge abilities take effect once you have the specified number of cards in your cemetery, which means these cards get stronger for each of your fallen comrades!


If you have at least 10 cards in your cemetery, Alucard gains 2 additional attack upon being played, while Lesser Mummy gains the Storm ability, allowing him to attack your opponent’s leader immediately!

Set up your cemetery for success!


To make the most out of cards with Necrocharge, you’ll first need to have cards in your cemetery! Fortunately, cards like Spectre, Spartoi Sergeant, and Undying Resentment are all able to fill out your cemetery with cards so you can rack up that Necrocharge count!

Walk the path of darkness with the fifth starter deck, Waltz of the Undying Night, on sale June 30, 2023.