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Walk the path of light with Havencraft!

Invoke holy amulets and draw on their power to control the tide of battle! You’ll also have access to a plethora of defensive mechanics such as Ward, healing, and spells that control the field. Here’s how to get the most out of the sixth starter deck, Maculate Ablution.

Holy animals at your beck and call!

Call forth holy animals in the form of Holy Falcon and Holy Tiger token cards to do your bidding! These powerful token cards can be summoned through the abilities of Dual Flames, Pinion Prayer, and Beastly Vow.

Amulets are the name of the game!

Since amulet cards are the bread and butter of the deck, cards like Skullfane and Cruel Priestess become that much more valuable!


Skullfane allows you to search out and play an amulet for no additional cost, while also dealing damage to your opponent’s leader and followers whenever your amulets leave the field! Used in conjunction with the earlier amulet cards, Skullfane allows for a big swing in momentum!


Cruel Priestess is also a powerful tempo-changer, allowing you to reuse any of the amulet cards found in this starter deck from the cemetery!

Repent before the nuns!

Set up a strong line of defense with Ardent Nun and Guardian Nun. Both have the Ward ability, which keeps your leader and other followers safe from your opponent’s attacks! Both also come with additional abilities you can make use of to extend your advantage!

Walk the path of light with the sixth starter deck, Maculate Ablution, on sale June 30, 2023.