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Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick Version 1.2.0 Update

Version 1.2.0 of Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick is now available.


Update Notes

  • Universe deck support
    • You will now be asked to choose the class or universe when you scan an Umamusume: Pretty Derby crossover leader card.

  • New leader card support
    • Yukino Bijin [Hometown Cheers]
    • Narita Taishin [A Bazaar Outing]
    • Kawakami Princess [Princess Bride]
    • Yaeno Muteki [Fiery Discipline]
    • Grass Wonder [Fairest Fleur]
    • Twin Turbo [Turbo Booooost!]
    • Manhattan Cafe [My Solo Spun in Spiraling Runs]
    • Mejiro Palmer [Go Ahead and Laugh]
    • Special Week [The Brightest Star in Japan!]

  • Dark mode status bar support
    • Added a dark theme to the status bar.
    • Each leader’s status bar will also be set to a matching color.


    *Some users may experience a delay before the update is available in their app store. Users may also be unable to update due to temporary data stored on their device. If you are unable to update, please try restarting your device.


    Link to the app’s official website: