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Gloryfinder Bundle #1 “Guide to Glory” Now Available for Preorder

GF Bundle 1 Guide to Glory Top Banner

Forge new alliances with the first Gloryfinder bundle, Guide to Glory, available on July 19. Preorders are now being taken at your local stores.



New heroes will be joining you on your quest to claim the ultimate seat of glory in the world of Gloryfinder! The first Gloryfinder bundle will contain four preconstructed decks with a total of 62 exclusive cards, including leaders, followers, spells, and amulets! These exclusive cards are designed for use only in the Gloryfinder format.



After our initial playtests at the Bushiroad Championship Series tournament in Anaheim late last year, further playtesting was done to ensure the Gloryfinder format was fun, balanced, and accessible for players of any skill level. Check out the official rules above!

Exclusive Gloryfinder Cards


New cards exclusive to the Gloryfinder format will be available in the first Gloryfinder bundle! These cards will have the word "Gloryfinder" written on their frame, and cannot be used in standard play, as their abilities may be slightly more powerful than regular cards.


In addition, some of these new cards will have more powerful abilities when your leader is a particular class, adding more depth to deck-building.


Here's a sneak peek at some of the cards available in the first Gloryfinder bundle. More Gloryfinder-exclusive cards will be revealed soon, so stay tuned to our official social media channels!