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Multiplayer Support Added to Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick

Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick now supports Gloryfinder and other multiplayer formats!




Multiplayer Mode

When selecting your class, there will be an option to switch to multiplayer mode at the bottom of the screen.



Using Multiplayer Mode



  1. Choose between 3 or 4 players.
  2. Choose your spot in the turn order.
  3. The dice function can be used to randomly establish turn order.
  4. Toggle between regular and multiplayer mode.
  5. Commence your battle.



Defense Counter

Track the defense of up to 4 players, as well as your own play points.


Using the Defense Counter



  1. Defense
  2. Your play points
  3. Remaining play points / max play points
  4. Reset
  5. Roll die
  6. Shift seating arrangement
  7. End turn
  8. Start turn
  9. Roundtable view

“Roundtable view” makes it simple for all players to keep track of their defense on one central device. This is best suited to large screens.


Let Shadowverse Evolve: Sidekick take your Gloryfinder game to the next level!


For more information on the Gloryfinder format, check out the website:


Link to the app’s official website: