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Updates to Restrictions

The restrictions on the following cards in competitive play will be lifted on June 21.


You can view the card details of Trial Initiation here and Ikuno Dictus here.


Trial Initiation and Ikuno Dictus were preemptively restricted at the launch of the first crossover set in order to maintain a fair gameplay environment for all Shadowverse: Evolve players. Even with the restrictions, Umamusume: Pretty Derby–universe decks held their own as dominant metagame contenders leading up to the 2023 World Finals and made up roughly 32% of the decks used in the World Finals. However, with the upcoming launch of the fifth booster set, Omens Eternal, we believe that the strength of cards will even out.


As such, we have decided to lift the restrictions on Trial Initiation and Ikuno Dictus.


We are hoping this will allow more decks and classes to be represented, and will continue to monitor tournament statistics to ensure a healthy competitive environment.