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A Message from the Producer—English Edition’s First Anniversary

Hello, everyone! I'm Yuito Kimura, the producer of Shadowverse: Evolve. The English edition of the game celebrates its first anniversary tomorrow and I'm extremely thankful for all the support we've received throughout the past year!


Today, I'd like to share my thoughts on reaching this milestone.


First Anniversary

I'm delighted to see our global fans enjoying the game and forging new connections since the English edition launched last year. So many of you have brought your enthusiasm and warmth to the game throughout this past year. Thanks to everyone, events like our demo sessions, shop tournaments, and most recently, the World Invitational have all been a great success. Alongside Bushiroad, we will strive to make your Shadowverse: Evolve experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible for years to come.


Exclusive Collaborations

We also saw the first English-exclusive collaboration earlier this year with Millie Parfait in the third booster set, Flame of Lævateinn. I'm happy to see the warm reception everyone had towards this collaboration and I trust future English-exclusive collaborations will be just as warmly received.


Gloryfinder and Guide to Glory

The first Gloryfinder bundle, Guide to Glory, will also be launching in less than a month's time! Producing a multiplayer format like this has long been a dream of mine and I'm very excited to see it come to fruition. I look forward to seeing everyone enjoying Gloryfinder and the new kinds of battles and friendships this format will bring.


Competitive Circuits and Events

Having played physical card games since I was a student, I know just how exciting tournaments can be. Although Bushiroad Spring Fest 2024 is ending soon, there will be plenty of opportunities to compete in the months ahead. Both the revamped Showdown Series and the brand-new Grand Showdown will be starting next month, as will the Bushiroad Championship Series 24/25 circuit. In addition to these competitions, we are also going to hold events in the Gloryfinder format. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a casual player, I encourage you to participate and make new connections along the way.


On behalf of the Shadowverse: Evolve team, we hope you will continue to support us as the game continues to evolve in the year ahead.


Thank you.


Yuito Kimura

Shadowverse: Evolve Producer