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A Message from the Producer—English Edition Released

Hello, everyone! I'm Yuito Kimura, the producer of Shadowverse: Evolve. The English edition of the game was just released on June 30, and I'm happy to hear all the positive feedback it has received so far!


Today, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on this new launch.


Thoughts on Shadowverse: Evolve

Our primary vision has always been to be a company that produces “the best in entertainment.” The Shadowverse franchise was born from our desire to enrich people's lives with games and help people forge new connections—Shadowverse: Evolve is an extension of this. With the English edition, we hope these connections will spread internationally, not just on a personal level, but extending to companies and local organizations alike. We hope global fans of Shadowverse will enjoy this new addition to the series.


Demo Caravan

We want to convey the appeal of Shadowverse: Evolve to everyone and encourage them to try the game. In cooperation with Bushiroad, who has an extensive global network of distributors and card shops, we have organized the Shadowverse: Evolve Demo Caravan. Bushiroad staff are currently visiting card shops all over the world to conduct demo sessions through this program. The Demo Caravan is a great opportunity to learn the game and make new friends, and I hope it makes it easier to start a new trading card game. We would like to make this experience exciting for everyone, so please lend us your support. If you've already participated, share your experience with us on our social media!


Shop Tournaments and the World Invitational

I've been playing physical card games since I was a student and I'm very grateful for card shops. Without them, there would be no Shadowverse or Shadowverse: Evolve. Playing card games at shops always has a different charm compared to digital games. We hope the upcoming tournaments will be exciting for everyone, whether you're just a casual player attending a local shop tournament or an experienced player playing your way to the finals of the World Invitational. Most importantly, I hope everyone will make new friends along the way.


Booster Set #2 “Reign of Bahamut”

I hope everyone is enjoying the first booster set, Advent of Genesis. I recall particularly enjoying being able to hold Cerberus and Lucifer in my hands. The second booster set, Reign of Bahamut, will see the appearance of even more iconic characters, such as Albert, Daria, and of course, Bahamut. The set launches on September 29, 2023. Future English-edition products will include their own exclusive collaborations, so keep an eye out for those.


Through your continued support, we can work together to create the next evolution of Shadowverse, Shadowverse: Evolve.


Thank you.


Yuito Kimura

Shadowverse: Evolve Producer