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What is Open 8?

Open 8 is a format where players build decks using unopened card packs. Beginners and veterans alike will be able to experience a new way to play Shadowverse: Evolve and enjoy the excitement of opening packs!


Before the Game

  • Prepare 8 booster packs from the designated set, 3 Evolution Point cards, and any necessary token cards. Players are not required to use a leader card. (Card packs to be used at an official event must be purchased at the event venue.)
  • Open the card packs and build a deck using the cards obtained.
  • You may use your own card sleeves after opening the card packs.


Open 8-Exclusive Rules

During your turn, you can give one of your followers the Rush ability by spending 1 play point and turning a card in your evolve deck faceup. However, note the following:

  • You may use an evolution point in lieu of the play point.
  • As with evolving and racing, you may only do this once per turn and only if you haven't evolved or raced that turn. (If you do this, you can't evolve or race for the rest of the turn.)
  • You may perform this action on the same follower more than once.
  • You may evolve a follower as usual, but only if you obtain its evolved form from your card packs.

Please refer to the Comprehensive Rules for more information.


Deck Construction

Please note the following when preparing your decks:

  • Your main deck should consist of at least 30 cards, while your evolve deck can consist of any number of cards.
  • You may include more than 3 copies of a card in your decks.
  • Your decks do not need to be based on a single class or universe.
  • Universe-specific rules apply as usual if you build a deck based on a single universe.